Why Are You Not Seeing Your Abs?

After enrolling in many programs, spending countless days working out, but there are still no visible abs? It really takes a lot of time and effort to get those well-defined abs. There are several reasons why you might have trouble not seeing your abs. It could be because of the food you consume, exercises you perform, or training the wrong muscles. If your abs are covered with a layer of fat, you can essentially do leg lifts and crunches every day and still not see the results you wish to see.

5 Reasons why you can’t see your six-pack abs

  1. They do not have the muscle structure of a six-pack. Each of us is different, there are people who have hardly any abdominal muscles despite having a low body fat percentage, some have only four, and some have six. You can build and shape your abs, but genetics is also a big factor that we can not really control. However, that does not mean you can not look good without visible 6-pack abs.
  2. You are training the wrong muscles. You can have lean abs, but if you do not train your vanity muscles, it's really impossible to get that ripple effect. The abdominal muscles play a bigger role in defining your six-pack.
  3. You train your abdominal muscles every day. You activate your abs during many exercises like deadlifts, crunches, squats, etc. Give your abs a break during the week. We recommend direct abdominal training 2-3 times a week.
  4. Your body fat percentage is too high. Your body fat covering your abdomen is too high and needs to be low for your abs to be visible. The most effective measure to achieve lean and toned abs is to change your diet, otherwise, all your efforts in the gym will be useless. Try some of our healthy and tasty recipes←(recipe link on our website, highlight).
  5. Too tired and not enough rest. Not getting enough rest releases the stress hormone cortisol, which increases sugar levels in the blood and encourages your body to store fat in your midsection, slowing down your progress.

Having a six-pack abs is a great goal and it will take hard work, dedication, discipline, and most of all consistency. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices to reach our goals. We’re not saying that listing those things will quickly get the result you’ve been dreaming about, but it will lead you in the right direction to your 6-pack ab journey.