How to Manage Your Time to Incorporate Fitness Into Your Busy Schedule

Health and wellness are the most important things in our lives. Recent data shows that 80% of Americans do not reach their doctor's recommended level of physical activity. Lack of time is just one of the reasons most Americans neglect exercise. It's truly a challenge to stay fit when you have to juggle work, household duties, and other commitments. Making time for exercise does not have to be perfect or well-organized, but there are a few fun ways to make sure you can fit exercise into your hectic lifestyle and be more likely to stick with it.

  1. Early morning exercise - For busy people, the morning hours are the best time to exercise. It's easier to commit to a quick morning workout than you think. Research has also shown that people who work out in the morning are more likely to make a habit of their workouts and are less likely to be interrupted.
  2. Exercise during the day - If you can not stick to your scheduled exercises. You can use your break from work to engage in exercise. Nonetheless, you can simply jog or do push-ups. A workout break is a great way to re-energize for the day. Taking a break from your laptop/phone/computer also proves to be beneficial, with increasing happiness and easing anxiety.
  3. Plan a family outing - You can plan a short vacation with your family that includes physical activities such as the following; hiking, swimming, biking, walking on the beach, or building a sandcastle. This is the most fun way to incorporate exercise into your busy life.
  4. Create a fitness plan- If you are an organized individual and you have a  weekly routine, then you will probably create a plan. However, you should always be prepared to be flexible because at times, in the midst of your life you may  have to skip a session.
  5. Exercise with friends- This is another great way to incorporate exercise into your life. You can motivate each other to achieve your physical goals.

Bottom line- If you are a busy person, you may feel that exercise has no place in your hectic life. But the truth is, there very well is a place.